5 Mobile Apps for Business Management Students

Apps for Business Management Students and Professionals

It isn’t uncommon to see people multi-tasking just about everywhere today, especially business management professionals. You can see them checking email at lunch, closing a big deal at a stoplight, or reading a contract on the bus. Mobile devices have increased the speed at which we do business. Smartphones and tablets enable us to keep up no matter where we are. Business management students are just as busy, often times keeping up with not only their classes, but their personal lives as well. Having the right tools to manage everything going on in the business world, whether you are a student or a business manager, is essential. These five apps for business management can help you stay on top of things while on the go!

Evernote – Having one place to store everything from audio notes to files is essential for any student or business manager. Consumer Reports lists Evernote as one of the essential apps to help keep all your important files. The app allows you to share with other people as well for group projects.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Kindle – Keeping up on all the reading you have to do for business can be hard. Whether it is textbooks, white sheets, or the most current issue of a business magazine, Future Point of View recommends the Kindle app. It allows you to read, organize, and share all your reading materials you need for business.

Available for iOS and Android.

TED Talks – Business is shaped by the new thinkers of today. Hearing the brightest and best share on topics that affect you, your business, and your world while you are on the go can help you push the envelope. This app gives you a chance to hear important information from valid sources without having to do the research yourself.

Available for iOS and Android.

DocuSign – It isn’t legal until you sign on the dotted line. In today’s world, that often means a digital signature. Having an app that allows you to sign contracts, agreements, or other legal papers can speed up most paperwork. Whether it is a business contract or a student loan agreement, DocuSign is legal and binding around the world as a digital signature.

Available on Windows, iOS, and Android.

Google Now – Business Insider knows that having everything at your fingertips makes doing business easier. Google seems to offer the tools to do that better than ever with Google Now. Using voice commands or keyboard entry, it can give you information, make calendar entries, set appointments, and even tell you what’s available to eat where you are. Access to all things digital has never been easier.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Business can be crazy sometimes. Keeping up doesn’t have to be hard with the right tools. Equipping yourself for success can mean keeping the right apps for business management on your mobile devices. Whether you are just starting out as a student or working in the business field already, be sure that you stay ahead of the game by working smarter, not harder.

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