Think You’re Cut Out for a Business Management Degree? Take This Quiz

The Business Management Degree Quiz

Deciding which degree to seek from an accredited college can be a momentous decision. Money, time and energy will be expended while earning credits toward a degree completion program. While many attractive degree choices abound, some possible careers seem to beckon a student more than others because of natural aptitude, acquired skill sets or personality strengths. A Business Management Degree may effectively suit those aptitudes, skill sets and innate personality qualifications. The best way to find out if Business Management will be a good fit is for the student to check out the program requirements, examine the career choices available after successfully completing the degree and take stock to see if genuine interest in the field exists.

A Short, Painless Quiz

Answering a few questions about whether or not a student can cut the field of Business Management may help eliminate any lingering doubts about choosing the program.

  1. Do you enjoy directing and coordinating activities?
  2. Do you want to manage a large staff one day?
  3. Are you software and computer savvy?
  4. Are you an active listener, who gives full attention to what people are saying or discussing?
  5. Do you view yourself as a problem-solver and a decision-maker?
  6. Do you feel confident with the skills you already have in these areas: critical thinking, conveying information to others as a speaker, good reading comprehension and the ability to solve complex problems?
  7. Can you easily identify existing or future problems?
  8. Is it relatively easy for you to form a conclusion after examining a variety of pieces of information?
  9. Can you speak and write clearly and make yourself understood by others?
  10. Do you feel you could influence others with persuasive speech or reasoning?

The quiz questions above illustrate some of the abilities, skills and knowledge a person will need to be a success in the field of Business Management. Honestly answering the questions gives the prospective student an idea of what will be involved in managing staff and taking care of business operations on a daily basis.  If you answered YES to 7 or more of these questions, you might be a good candidate for a business management degree program.

Business Management Career Paths

A look at few career options in the field of Business Management may also help make the decision a little easier. An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business with a Management Concentration could result in a job as a(n):

  • General or Operations Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Office Manager

Earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a Management Concentration gives job seekers the opportunity to find employment as a General and Operations Manager in fields such as:

  • Lodging
  • Gaming
  • Purchasing
  • Food Service
  • Logistics
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Administrative Services

For more information about career paths and earnings potential in the field of Business Management, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, a valuable tool that can assist students with the degree decision-making process.

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    You posed some interesting and thought provoking questions.

    I was wondering if a management focused or technical focused career path would suit me better. I think this helped answer my question. Thx

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