Wood’nt You Like to Know: Carpentry Careers

Interested in becoming a skilled craftsman or craft, working with your hands, and creating things with wood and other materials? If you have answered yes, then a career in carpentry may be the right fit for you.

Centura College Carpentry Careers

As with many careers, carpentry has different realms of expertise that you can focus on. Job sites may vary, and you can find yourself working at different locations, both indoors and outdoors. Here are some career paths you can land after receiving training as a carpenter:


Residential carpentry is one of the larger sectors of the carpentry world. With the population growth, you can imagine that new home construction will be in demand, resulting in job opportunities for carpenters. Working in residential carpentry leads to building framework and creating the foundation for new housing, such as detached house dwellings, and townhouses. Residential carpentry also includes installing home fixtures like cabinets, stairs, molding, doors, windows, walls, and partitions. A fully completed home doesn’t mean a carpenter’s job is done there forever; remodeling homes and/or home renovations also calls for carpenters.


Housing isn’t the only thing that grows with population. Structures like office buildings, schools, hotels, retail buildings, and restaurants are required as well, providing the need for commercial carpenters. As with housing, all buildings need maintenance and upkeep. Commercial carpenters work on materials that not only involve wood, but also steel, plaster, and plastic. Job tasks may include installing or replacing glass panes, doors, and windows, repairing cabinets and walls, changing locks, repairing furniture, and installing machinery.


Industrial Carpenters help build and maintain factories, mining infrastructures, power plants, bridges, highways, and tunnels. These skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen are essential to communities as they provide the work that needs to be done to upkeep our transportation and manufacturing sectors. An industrial carpenter’s tasks include pouring concrete forms, bracing and partitions, and building scaffolding.


Many people find carpentry soothing and satisfying. Some create art, instruments, structures for their homes, or furniture. Many people have designs in mind and put them to good use with creating works of art out of wood, for their personal use or to sell.

So, whether you’re on the job-creating homes, offices, and factories, or creating works of art and furniture, different carpentry careers can provide opportunities to those who love to build.

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