Centura College Students and Faculty Donate Blood

Centura College Students and Faculty Donate Blood in North Chesterfield, Virginia

Centura College Students at the North Chesterfield, Richmond Campus saved 24 lives!  The generous blood donations of the students, faculty and staff were equivalent to saving the lives of 24 individuals.  Some students were apprehensive about donating blood because it was their first  time.  Others were in their comfort zone because they sign up to give blood each time the bloodmobile is scheduled to be on campus. Many of the students who are pros at donating blood encouraged the first timers.

Some faculty and students who were fearful that they would not qualify to donate blood signed up and had the screening!  It is refreshing to see everyone so eager to donate blood and save a life.  Prior to the drive those who had signed up to donate blood drank plenty of water and disclosed that they had eaten a healthy breakfast.  The result of everyone’s efforts was a successful blood drive.

The bloodmobile will visit the Centura College students and faculty in North Chesterfield once more before the end of the year.  And guess what?  The sign-up list is almost completely filled!

If you would like more information on donating blood or the American Red Cross please visit their website by click on this image:

Originally written by:
  Paula Jones-Jackson, Centura College – N. Chesterfield, Virginia

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