Computer Network Management Degree Program Changes

What makes Centura College’s Computer Network Degree Program Different?

At Centura College, our Computer Network Management Degree Program courses have been updated to meet CompTIA’s new exam requirements that began in August of 2013.  By changing our course curriculum to the new TestOut Software’s PC Pro Course, our students will not only be prepared to take the new CompTIA A+ exams, but they will also get a chance to take the certification exam from TestOut, that is completely performance based and better prepares our students for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam.  So, at the end of the first academic year in our Computer Network Management Degree Program, our students will already have taken their TestOut certification exam and will then be eligible to take the two CompTIA A+ exams as part of our Degree Program.  That’s right, our program tuition includes all testing and certification fees for both the TestOut and CompTIA A+ Certification exams.  Further to that, those students at our Chesapeake, Virginia Campus can take both exams on site at our campus!

In addition, we have updated our two Routing courses by moving to Cisco’s brand new CCENT materials and their Network Simulator to meet the requirements of Cisco’s updated CCNA exam.  This is a new and major change to the Cisco certification process and our program keeps Centura College students on the cutting edge of this industry technology shift.

Lastly, we have completely revamped our Network Security course by moving to TestOut Software’s Security Pro course.  Similar to the A+ course, students will get a chance to take the certification exam from TestOut and will also be eligible to take their CompTIA Security+ exam at the end of their second academic year.  This course features lots of hands-on training in setting up Security for Servers, Workstations, Routers and Intrusion Detection/Prevention devices, further preparing our students for employment in the Information Technology field.

Do I need to be CompTIA A+ or Security+ Certified?

A+ Certification is the starting point for any career in Information Technology (IT).  In fact, many manufacturers require A+ Certification to be eligible to work on their hardware (Dell, Intel and Leveno…just to name a few).  The Security+ Certification is an international, vendor-neutral certification that demonstrates competency in; Network security, Compliance and operational security, Threats and vulnerabilities, Application data and host security, Access control and identity management.

As you can see, both certifications are essential for validating your career skills and academic achievements and both certifications should be considered essential resume material for any IT professional who is trying to demonstrate learned skills and hands-on experience and competency to a potential employer.

Tying it all together…

At Centura College, our Computer Network Degree Program ties all of your academic and certification experience together into a comprehensive Capstone Course Project.  The Capstone project involves a demonstration of the material studied in the core program courses, hands-on training in the labs and of course, certifications earned through examinations.  It contains a project based on setting up and securing both Intranet and Internet systems for an organization that includes hardware, software, network security and operation.  Students will also develop and implement a written, enterprise wide Security Policy and Plan.

Successful completion of this program and capstone course, truly demonstrates all the skills required for our students to be successful IT professionals.

For more information about our Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Computer Network Management, or to speak with an admissions representative and apply for career training, contact Centura College today by visiting our Computer Networking Program Webpage.  You can also learn more about Centura College at our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Your right to know.


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