Computer Networking Degree: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Computer Networking Degree: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Computer networking degrees are always in demand and often recommended for high school graduates who don”t know where to turn to first. An accredited college degree will always give job seekers a competitive advantage. However, it is important for prospective students to know if this is the right sort of degree program for them. Some of the things to consider include:

  • The prospective student’s ease of using a computer in general
  • Whether there is a desire to work in this field regularly
  • What type of learning experience students want, such as an online or campus program

Advantages of Training in Computer Networking

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average networking specialist makes $34 an hour. Every company’s computer system requires some level of maintenance, so graduates of these types of programs have a good chance of securing employment. Computer Networking specialists in general need to have a good working knowledge of commonly used networking systems, something which many company owners don’t want to be involved with.

Trained specialists will be able to help companies with diverse needs that include:

  • Helping to identify a company’s specific computer networking needs
  • Setting up the networks that will be used and knowing about the software and equipment from the start
  • Being able to make recommendations based on data collection
  • Maintaining systems and being able to troubleshoot
  • Setting up user accounts and assigning the proper permissions
  • Educating users on how the network is used

Some Common Considerations

Many decide that they would like to study computer networking after learning about the salary they could earn, as well as what the job involves. For anyone who enjoys working with computers, this is definitely worthwhile training. There are a few helpful considerations that prospective computer networking students should consider:

  • While study programs do offer flexibility, it is a good idea to make sure there is enough time to devote to proper study
  • This should be a career choice that students want to stay with to ensure a good return on investment
  • The best candidates for computer networking jobs are consistently comfortable with using a computer

Private Sector Jobs vs. Government Jobs

Prospective students often wonder whether a degree in computer networking is more beneficial for private or government sector jobs. The good news is that graduates can feel secure in having the skills to apply for jobs for both sectors. Both options can provide good growth opportunities. Some examples of government sector opportunities:

Jobs in the private sector are not impacted by issues such as government furloughs or budget cuts, although many other outside factors can affect job stability. The good thing about getting a background in computer networking is that the skills can be carried over into several sorts of job settings.

Getting Started

The good news is that these types of degree programs are good for anyone who enjoys computers. From graduating high school students with a desire to jump right into IT to professionals desiring a mid-life career change, there is flexibility for any situation.

Being able to take the courses necessary to secure these jobs at a convenient schedule is just what many jobseekers want and need. A rewarding career awaits those who decide to take this step.

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