Computer Networking Jobs: A Guide to Employment

Computer Networking Jobs: A Guide to Employment

Computer networking jobs continue to be in high demand.  After all, the majority of Americans aren’t likely to be able to say that they’ve gone a week, or even a day, without the use of computers.  The world today is dominated by technology that helps almost every business and industry keep going.  As such, someone considering a career change or a definitive career path could achieve great success by following the path of computer networking.  The following article provides facts that are applicable to the current state of the computer networking jobs and finding employment in this field.

Types of Career Positions…
For starters, anyone looking into a career in the computer networking field is probably wondering what types of positions are offered.  Like any career, positions that are available to a particular individual will be based on education and experience, but there is certainly room for growth in this field.

  • Network Administrators are generally responsible for overseeing the overall health of a company’s network.  These people tend to manage the local area network, but they may also have a great deal to do with the wide area networks, as well.  This position is often responsible for analysis, monitoring, and configuring a company’s system on a day-to-day basis.
  • Network Engineers perform similar functions, but the focus is more future-focused, as they perform upgrades and test security functions.
  • Network Analysts and Programmers are usually the people that write the scripts that provide companies with the ability to run diagnostic testing.  This team often evaluates third-party products to determine whether or not they can be integrated into existing systems.

What kind of salary can you expect…
For most people, considering a career also includes considering the potential salary that can be made from that decision.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals that work in the field of computer networking can expect a median pay in the mid $70,000.00, which calculates at around $34.88 per hour.  While this number will vary based on location, company, and experience, the optimal outlook for potential salary is very optimistic for people that choose this field.  You can read more about how much do network systems administrators make here, in another recent blog article.

Projected industry growth & expected job outlook…
As technology continues to help businesses stay organized and fulfill their clients’ needs, industry growth for computer networking professionals continues to look optimistic.  Depending on the capacity in which individuals work, the growth for this industry is projected to grow from about 39.3% to around 49.3% (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) over the next six or so years.  That means big return on investment for people who choose to go this route!

  • Unemployment Rate – Of course, after the big cyber bubble burst in the earlier part of this century, tech jobs were at the first and foremost of positions to be cut from payroll, largely because those numbers reflect companies that were based almost solely in the abilities of their computer network professionals.  As we enter the middle part of 2014, the unemployment rate for techies is falling rapidly.  In fact, only about 3.3% of technology professionals reported being unemployed at the end of 2012, which was a significantly optimistic number from what the statistics reflected just a few years prior.
  • Career Options – This list is almost limitless.  The reason is simple: nearly every single company around the country is in need of a healthy computer information system that can keep logistics in place, put a manageable budget into play, and keep track of customers’ needs and the organization’s orders.  A student considering a career in computer networking can rest assured that the options run the gamut.  This field allows people to combine their skills that come from understanding technology with whatever else their hearts may tell them to do.  Medical professionals are meant to help people; teachers work to educate the next generation; business professionals seek new ways to ensure that their clients are taken care of.  In each of these circumstances, a technology wizard is on the other side of the screen ensuring that the logistics are taken care of and that the clients are happy in the end.

We would love to hear your thoughts!  If you have insight into this profession or questions about the field, feel free to tell us your thoughts by submitting a comment below!

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