Continuing Your Education: Upgrading Your Degree

By Esperanza Popquiz

When it comes to continuing education, most people are discouraged to do so because of issues like juggling work, family and school or the financial stress of an extra expense. But, a bachelor’s degree may set you apart in a competitive workforce. Here are a couple of reasons why continuing your education to get your bachelor’s degree is important:

Expand Your Opportunities

Although there are many positions in the workforce that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, earning one can open your career to additional promising opportunities. The degree allows you to apply to positions that require a bachelor’s degree and you can have confidence knowing you meet the needs of the employer. Plus, your continued education will set you apart from other candidates who have not had additional education.


A bachelor’s degree focuses on specific concentrations and prepares you to work in that field, whereas an associate’s degree completes the general understanding of a subject. With the additional skills you acquire during your education in concentrations such as accounting, hospitality, marketing and others, you can move forward in your business career with the focused knowledge that is expected of you.

Financial Benefits

A bachelor’s degree can not only give you more options of where to work, but it can increase your value as an employee. You’re more likely to receive higher pay with a completion degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Those with bachelor’s degrees make approximately $264 more per week than those with an associate degree, and $363 more per week than those with only a high school diploma.” (1)

Job Security

While landing a job with high pay is ideal, making sure that you have job security is just as important. The unemployment rate is lower for college graduates who have completed their bachelor’s degree: 3.6% of unemployed persons held an associate’s degree while 2.7% had a bachelor’s degree. (1)

These are just a few of many benefits that come with come with pursuing your bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in furthering your education, check out Centura College’s Completion Degree programs for more information.


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