How to Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business in 15 months

Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business in 15 months

It hardly seems fair sometimes, but it is certainly true now more than ever.  Today’s competitive workforce often means that those with the right level of education and experience receive preference over those with limited college and/or related work experience.  This also means that those who do not have the right education and experience often get left behind or passed over for certain career opportunities, promotions and even raises.

So the question then becomes; “How do I get the education and training I need to accelerate my career and earnings potential and further, how do I get it FAST?”

Most bachelor degree programs are based on a four year university schedule.  However, someone who already has an associate’s degree in business or another professional degree, for example, might want to consider pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business through an accredited 15-month Bachelor Completion Program. This could give you the edge you need to advance in your current career field, or pursue a new career much faster than a traditional 4 year degree program.

Degree Completion Program at Centura College

Accelerated programs such as the 15-month bachelor degree completion program at Centura College in Virginia Beach, accommodate busy professionals who already have an associate’s degree in a related field, but need more education and credentials to advance their career positions.

How to Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business in 15 Months

So how can one go about earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business in only 15 months? Here are the necessary steps to take:

  • Visit the Centura College site and read about the business degree program and fill out the simple request more information form on the website or call 877-575-5627 to talk with an admissions representative TODAY!
  • Choose from the learning strategies most closely align with your needs: Take advantage of our Flexible learning programs that combine online classes with traditional classes!
  • Choose the business concentration best suited for your desired career path.

Choosing a Concentration

To make you even more marketable in the workplace, business students can choose from a number of degree concentrations to help prepare you for numerous career paths.

These include:

Why Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree?

Two good reasons for pursuing additional education are:

  • Increased opportunities to advance in a career or receive preferred consideration for a new position over someone with less education
  • Increased earning potential

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that individuals with higher education typically receive preference among employers over those with an associate degree or no college experience. For example, the minimum degree required for most business management positions is a bachelor’s degree, with some employers even preferring master’s degrees.

In addition, those with at least a bachelor’s degree typically receive higher wages than those with less education. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay for Training and Development Managers with a bachelor’s degree is $45.86/hour or an annual salary of $95,400 (2012 BLS figures).


Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business could significantly increase your professional opportunities for career advancement, as well as earning potential, and being able to complete that degree program in as little as 15 months is an added bonus and could fast track you to a better career and higher earnings!

For more information about Centura College or our Bachelor Completion Program, or to speak with an admissions representative and apply for admission, contact Centura College today by visiting our Website.  You can also learn more about Centura College at our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Your right to know.

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