How to Find Computer Networking Jobs in 2014 and Beyond

How to Find Computer Networking Jobs in 2014

When looking for ideal computer networking jobs, it’s important to consider more than the highly attractive salary. It’s important to examine the entire company package as well as the projected longevity of the job. Even when doing so, finding the perfect job can be seemingly impossible. Fortunately, the following 12 steps will guide job seekers toward finding the perfect computer networking job.

Getting Social with Your Job Search…

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn can offer a look inside the doors of an organization past the generic corporate website. By utilizing social media platforms, job seekers can be able to determine whether the corporate culture is potentially a match. In addition, social media may offer insight into aspects such as the on-site gym, child care services, or corporate employee events.

Second to none, LinkedIn is inherently designed for the task of helping employers find job seekers and much more. According to a survey from Jobvite, a staggering 93% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn for qualified candidates. As a computer networking professional, it’s imperative to have an up to date and professional LinkedIn profile.

Find and Attend Virtual and Technology Career Fairs…

Career fairs in general offer job seeker the opportunity to get face-to-face with potential employers. Technology career fairs are filled with employers searching for qualified IT candidates, such as computer networking professionals. These breeding ground for lucrative employment offers provide IT job seekers with the rare opportunity of making a first impression face-to-face.

Virtual career fairs are simply online versions of real career fairs. Job seekers can attend the career fair with their mobile device from their home, office, or anywhere else. In addition, virtual career fairs allow IT job seekers the following:

    • One-on-one chat with potential employers
    • Access to all employer booths at the job seeker’s leisure
    • Employers can conduct interviews on the spot with qualified IT candidates.

Find and Be Active on Technology Job Boards, Forums and Blogs…

While generic job boards, like Monster are excellent at linking job seekers with employers, technology job boards are the best for computer networking professionals. Check out the following list of the top technology job boards:

    • Dice builds talent communities and is the “career hub” for IT professionals
    • GitHub is a code sharing tech job board
    • iCrunchData specializes in tech, analytics, and big data jobs with several sub fields for each.
    • TechCareers doesn’t just list jobs, it also provides educational tools and networking information.

Find a Good Technical Recruiter to Work With…

Simply put, head hunters have access to valuable inside information about the job market, and most often have exclusive knowledge about lucrative IT jobs that may never be advertised. In efforts to land the IT job of a lifetime, headhunters should be a job seeker’s best friend.

Although checking with typical staffing firms may be effective, the golden egg is with technology based staffing firms. Check out the four largest technology staffing firms in the U.S. for perfect computer networking jobs.

Leave Room for Advancement…

Theoretically, the best companies hire the best IT professionals and keep them. As a result, some of the more attractive computer networking jobs may not be available until someone retires. It’s essential for job seekers to be willing to start in a position they may be over qualified for to get their foot in the door.

Make Sure You Have the Right Certifications…

Earning computer networking certifications gives job seekers the credentials to separate their resume from others. Most IT professionals will agree on the effectiveness and importance of certifications for landing interviews. Certifications are also important in keeping them abreast of the latest technology so they have the skills to compete in today’s job market – not to mention demand a higher salary.

Start with an Associate’s Degree…

Although most Associate’s degrees aren’t viewed as valuable, computer networking associates degree are like gold. The curriculum teaches students the foundational information required to install, maintain, and support networks. In addition, most programs prepare students for Cisco CCNA, A+, Microsoft OS, Microsoft Server and Security + certification exams.

Grow Your Earning Potential with a Bachelor’s Degree…

A B.S. in computer networking teaches students the theory behind networking and why it is so essential. Students also learn to effectively program and maintain networks as well as network security protocols. Earning a bachelor’s degree in computer networking immediately qualifies students for the following jobs and the median annual salaries based on the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistic.

    • Database administrator – $75,730.00
    • Information security analyst – $75,660.00
    • Network administrator – $72,200.00

Don’t Forget About Internships to Build Your Resume and Get Your Foot in the Door…

Simply put, employers love hiring interns. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) executive director Marily Mackes,”Currently, employers say they extend job offers to nearly 70 percent of their interns; in 2001, they offered jobs to 57 percent.

Make Good Use of Your School’s Career Services Office…

Did you graduate from a college or university that offers career services? If so, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself. Often, employers will contact schools directly when looking for candidates and the career services office will be able to present you in a positive light to many possible job opportunities. Also, career service offices can be a great resource for interview preparation and recommendations. If you have access to these services, you should definitely USE THEM!

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