Healing Pain through Massage Therapy

Healing Pain through Massage Therapy – Centura College, Newport News Campus Students, Donate Massage Therapy for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Veronica Thomas, President of Survivors Not Victims of Sexual Abuse (SNV), holds counseling meetings with survivors of sexual abuse. Ms. Thomas asked about having some massage therapy for her survivors. Five students from the Centura College Massage Therapy Program (Gloria Henderson, Terrell Jones, Soraya Howell, and Listrice Belfield) participated in the “Healing Pain through Massage Therapy” event with no hesitation.

The atmosphere was cozy and relaxing with dim lighting and music. A presentation about the benefits of massage was given by Shaunay Nichols. The survivors that participated received a complimentary massage. There was a gentleman that suffers from sleep apnea and snores loudly, but once he was on Terrell’s massage table receiving his massage, the snoring went away.

There was also a woman with multiple personalities who did not want a massage, but watched Ms. Thomas get a massage. The event was wonderful. All participants loved their massages and were glad that the students took time to do this event. The massage students enjoyed the event, fellowship and connection with the clients. Right before the closing of the event, the lady with multiple personalities came back in the room and was interested in receiving a massage. The client began with a chair massage and loved it. The woman was pleased with herself and her breakthrough and stated she could not wait to tell her therapist about her accomplishment.

After Healing Pain through Massage Therapy…

The Healing Pain through Massage Therapy event was a great and wonderful experience and the students have decided to continue to give back to the community by participating in more massage outreach programs. The students call themselves, “The Ladies of Divine Touch”, a fitting title indeed.

Originally written by:  Shaunay Nichols, Centura College, Newport News Campus

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