How Does a College Degree Help Your Career?

How Does a College Degree Help Your Career?

You’ve heard it your whole life; “You have to go to college if you want a better life”.  A better life?  What does that mean?  It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  So we thought we might help sum it up and give you 5 specific and very tangible reasons why you might want to consider going back to school and earning your college degree.  Of course, these reasons are generic and all of them may or may not apply to your life goals or ambitions, but they are certainly tangible reasons for starting or completing your college degree or diploma program. So How Does a College Degree Help Your Career?

You’ll make more money!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings in 2012 for those with a Bachelor’s Degree was $1,066.00.  Compare that to the median weekly salary of someone with just a high school diploma, which is $652.00. This handy chart gives you a visual breakdown of median earning potential by education level:

Increase your career options and opportunities!

It’s no secret that those with a college-level education are generally the ones that get the promotions and the opportunities that just are not available to those without a college degree.  The academic and career skill credentials a college education provides often will help you to stand out among job applicants and peers that might be up for the same promotion.  Additionally, expanding your skill set with a college degree can open doors to different aspects of your chosen career field that otherwise you might not get to experience such as research and development, sales and marketing, management, and executive level positions.

Career Freedom!

Having a college degree and the skill set that comes with it oftentimes leads to the ability to pick and choose career paths.  Not only do college graduates typically enjoy a lower unemployment rate, they also can transfer skill sets and knowledge across a broad range of industries and organizations.  This flexibility often means that college degree holders have the ability to choose a company or career path they want to be in and not have to settle for the first thing that comes along or feel like they are stuck and have no options to progress their career.

Be more Marketable!

It’s just a fact!  Having a college degree helps to make you more appealing when you’re looking for a job and opens up opportunities that might otherwise be closed to you.

Access to More Resources!

Having a college degree from a reputable institution means you will most likely have access to resources that noncollege graduates do not.  For example, most colleges and universities offer career placement services to current students and alumni.  In addition, some schools even offer continuing education benefits such as reduced tuition for yourself or your family members.  Also, alumni associations have always been a good source for networking and building professional relationships that last a lifetime!

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