How to Change Careers in 2014

How to Change Careers in 2014

As the New Year beams with excitement at the hope of being happier and healthier than ever before, have you given any thought to your career?  Are you satisfied that your current employment situation is sufficient and will fill you with personal, professional and financial growth in the coming year and beyond?  If not, maybe it’s time to learn how to change careers in 2014.  Changing careers (not just jobs!) can be a bit overwhelming.  It will most likely take some time and effort on your part learning about the new profession, its economic outlook, earning potential and skills necessary to be successful in the new field.  If however, once you are finished doing your research, it looks like a career change is right for you, than 2014 is one of the best time to make that change!

Ensure your successful career transition with some tips –

Get the training first – In today’s fast paced, computer based employment sector, almost every new “Career” is going to require some advanced technical training.  Even entry level positions these days are hiring only those candidates with specific and demonstrated skill sets that people have learned in a formal training environment.  If you want to speed up your career transition, you definitely want to get the training before trying to get a new job.

Know your field – Understanding what your new career field offers in the way of personal, professional and financial growth is essential to any successful career transition.  Find out the facts about the career field you wish to enter.  There are many resources available for you to use such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher education institutions that have eBooks or catalogs and admissions teams that can help you identify a career path.  Use these tools (and others) to help make your decision.

Be practical – Getting the skills necessary for a career change can take anywhere from a few months, to a several years depending on the field you are trying to enter and the formal training institution you select to teach you these skills.  If you are in a hurry, it’s best to find a school that has found a happy medium between good training that provides the necessary skill sets for your chosen field and yet allows you to complete the training as quickly as possible and in some cases, only a few short months.

In the end, you need to know yourself most of all.  Know that you are capable of more in your work and in your life then you are currently accepting and be willing to invest in yourself to get there.  Your work can be more than just a paycheck.  It can be a fulfilling and enjoyable way to earn a living that offers personal, professional and financial growth for you and your family if you learn how to change careers in 2014!

At Centura College, we look at each student as an individual and we craft career plans according to their needs.  Our main goal is to give every student the tools and skills necessary to get their careers started and assist them throughout that process as quickly as possible.  Learn more about Centura College TODAY!

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