Recognizing Outstanding Performance

Centura College Recognizing Outstanding Performance at the Annual Education and Professional Development Conference – May 2013

Recognizing Outstanding Performance at the annual Education and Professional Development Conference held in Norfolk, Virginia in May, Centura College recognized their Student, Program Coordinator and Director of Education of the Year. The Program Coordinator of the year comes from the Richmond-Midlothian campus, Dental Assistant Program, Ms. Deborah Barry.  Deborah joined Centura College in June of 2012 as the campus’ first Dental Assistant Program Coordinator.  Since the inception of the Dental Assisting Program, she has an almost perfect retention rate.  She has formed strong relationships with dental suppliers who have regularly come to the campus to give equipment demonstrations and educational lectures about working in the field to our students.

“It also goes without saying that she always has a warm smile and a kind demeanor that she frequently shares with her fellow faculty and staff members and students alike,” added Richmond’s Director of Education, Ann Tribbey.

Next was the award for the Campus Director of Education (DOE). The DOE is the educational leader of a campus, the one that students, faculty and staff go to for guidance and mentoring.  The Director of Education of the year is Chesapeake’s own Millie Davis. The epitome of a student advocate, she repeatedly shows a passion for education that is unparalleled.  Combining her old school work ethic with an open mind to new technologies and teaching methods, she ensures her education department is simply stellar.

“By having an individual like her on campus, the school is able to offer an educational leader who always provides organization, planning, positivity and a desire to put students’ education first,” states Campus Executive Director, Ben Clark, “And most importantly, she learned how to use an iPhone.”

Finally, what many would consider the most important award of the entire conference and the reason why everyone does what they do, the Student of the Year; this award was presented to Melissa Healy also from the Chesapeake Campus of Centura College.  Not many students leave an impression like Ms. Healy.  As a hard-working student, her grades were always perfect. She wore a bright, shining, happy face every day when she walked onto the campus.  Then one night her life changed forever.  She went to bed and woke up the next morning completely paralyzed from the waist down and in excruciating pain.  She would be filling up her time with doctors, hospitals, tests, machines, and financial worries.  Not once during her entire medical dilemma did she miss a class assignment.  Not once did she fail to turn in her papers, her homework or take her exams.

“It is because of the fighter in her, the sunny disposition that is never wavering and her hard work and dedication that Melissa Healy has been named Student of the Year,” states Anita Kessler, Paralegal Program Coordinator, Centura College, Chesapeake campus.

Congratulations to all of the award winners for their hard work and dedication!

Originally written by:  Corporate Communications Department, Centura College

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