How to Use Social Media to Job Hunt

When most people think of social media they typically think of social media as platforms to be, well, social. Users share pictures, update their relationship or mood status, or let the world know what they’re eating at the new swanky spot they found. Most people don’t think of using social media as a place to search for career opportunities and grow professionally, but you’re not most people. You’re going to read on to find out how you can use social media to help grow your career.

Search for Jobs

Social media has become one of the fastest ways to get information out to the public. Many companies use social media as a platform to reach a large number of people, making it the perfect place to post about their job openings. You can use social media platforms to find information on career opportunities, including things like what positions are available, what experience and/or education they’re looking for, and job descriptions, just to name a few. After reviewing all the information, you can decide on whether you want to apply. Some social sites have made it so easy that you can click a button to apply on the spot.


Applying to jobs and submitting your resume isn’t the only way to get your experience and expertise out there. Skillfully creating your profile to show your personal interests, educational background, location, and personal, work, and/or school-orientated achievements can help companies get a better understanding of who you are. Keep all your social media platforms professional and personal at the same time, while remaining consistent. Optimized profiles can help you become more visible to hiring managers and recruiters looking to fill positions and it gives them a better sense of if you’re a good fit for their position.

Connect and Network

When creating or updating your profiles, be sure to keep an eye out for who you are following, and who is following you. Having a strong social circle can help you network, whether it’s for your current job, or a new career journey. If one of your social connections works for a company that you’ve had your eye on, they might share that there is a new position open. You now have advantages by knowing about the open position and you can link up with your social contact to find out more information or ask for them to make a connection between you and the hiring manager. If you aren’t looking for a new career, you can still use social media to network by associating with possible companies to create partnerships or hire as third-party vendors. Posting accurate and educational content regularly can grow your network and support your knowledge as an industry expert.


Examining a company’s social platform can give you an inside look at the company culture, as well as give you a feel of how they operate. You can research companies that you are interested in to help you make a career decision. Imagine that you have the opportunity to work for 2 different employers, but you’re having a hard time choosing who you want to work for. When you have exhausted all your ways of choosing which company is the right choice and you’re still unsure, using social media can be a great tool to help you make your decision. You can search both company’s social media profiles to help you get an idea of who they are and what they stand for.

Building your personal brand on social media can not only help you connect with people, but it also helps draw attention to all your skills and expertise that can help you advance professionally.

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