Teacher Appreciation Day: Centura College Thanks You for All You Do!

By Jul DeGeus

A teacher is a powerful person. They can inspire, educate and believe in you, when there’s lack of belief in yourself. It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate all of our teachers. Here are a couple of Centura College all-star teachers we’d like to call attention to for the positive impact they leave on their students and peers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day on May 9th:

Centura Norfolk

“Rodney Davis is Centura Norfolk’s Business and Success Instructor.  As a former member of the military, Mr. Davis sets the tone for our Module 1 students. He establishes strong expectations for being on time, attending class and submitting work by due dates. Although the first impression new students have of Mr. Davis is that he is strict, by the end of the module, the sound of laughter can be heard emanating from his classroom.  Students say that he is one of the most caring instructors they have had.  Thank you, Mr. Davis, for all you do for our students.”

Cynthia L Mushett, Director of Education, Centura Norfolk

Centura Chesapeake

“May marks the fifth year anniversary of teaching for Mrs. Angela Lauto. She is a Registered Nurse by trade, but truly enjoys teaching medical assisting students. She is well liked and highly respected by both students and staff, and takes pleasure in making sure students have all the skills and information they need to be successful in the workplace. We are so appreciative of her time and dedication to student success at Centura Chesapeake!”

-Ashley West, Campus Executive Director, Centura Chesapeake

Centura Richmond

“Dr. Kandeh started working with Centura College Richmond in 2008.  She is a medical assisting instructor with the students’ success at heart. She creates activities that encourage teamwork, productivity, and stimulates learning enjoyment. In 2014, at the peak of the sub-regional epidemic of Ebola, she decided to answer her call to an epic humanitarian crisis and returned to her native land of West Africa to train more than 8,900 health care workers in Infection Prevention Control.  After 17 months of fulfilling this outstand commitment, Dr. Kandeh returned to Centura where she continues to train and teach our students.”

-Susan Merritt, Campus Executive Director, Centura Richmond

Centura Columbia

“Mrs. Wise was a Centura Columbia graduate in 2007 and has since gained her experience as a Medical Assistant. She returned in 2011 as a medical instructor and is the lead instructor for the Medical Department.  Mrs. Wise is an outstanding teacher that has stepped up to the plate of wearing many hats.”

– Peter Slade, Campus Executive Director, Centura Columbia

“Ms. Carlos has shown a lot of growth since arriving here at Centura Columbia. She has worked endlessly, while being a single mother of two. She always balances her schedule to give students the excellent training they need without taking away dedication or time from her family life.”

– Peter Slade, Campus Executive Director, Centura Columbia

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