Think This is a Bad Time to be Looking for a Good Job? Think Again.

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“Interesting Times” for Job Seekers

These days, for people who happen to be exploring the idea of starting a career or finding a new line of work, a glance at current news can be, well, a bit of a downer. Global pandemic. High unemployment. Entire industries in trouble. Soaring college costs. Debilitating student loan debt. Bummer, right?

Yes, these are “interesting” times. But, no, it’s not necessarily a bad time to be starting a new career. In fact, it’s a great time to position yourself for a job that’s always in demand, pays well with good benefits, requires less time to start earning, is rewarding and challenging, and offers lots of opportunity now and into the future. If, that is, you’re open to a career in the skilled trades. This career path – including so-called blue-collar jobs – encompasses the kind of work required to keep our country’s infrastructure, machinery and systems of all kinds intact, in shape and humming right along. These are truly essential jobs.

Skilled Trades – Diverse and In-demand

If you’re thinking welders, electricians and carpenters, you’ve hit the nail on the head. But there are so many more choices, available to men and women alike, ranging from automotive and aircraft technicians to administrative jobs in office settings to tech and management positions at corporations, industrial operations, local, state and federal government agencies, medical settings and much more. Trade careers include truck drivers, HVAC experts, operations managers and industrial manufacturing techs, to name just a few.

While “steady” is the byword for trade job demand as a whole, some sectors are just plain booming. For example, as our country and the entire world shift to clean energy, jobs like wind turbine technician and solar panel installer offer limitless possibilities. Imagine a career where you’re earning good money with great job security – and you’re helping the planet to boot!

Another skilled trades category – one that is not often thought of in that light – is what’s known as the allied health professions. These are jobs in healthcare that include just about everything that doesn’t require a medical degree, from clinical experts and assistants to patient-facing service jobs to back-end administrative jobs working for medical practitioners, hospitals, insurance companies or in related industries. They include dental assisting, massage therapy, medical assisting, biomedical equipment technology, health information technology, and business management.

Good Pay, Fast-track Training

There are a lot of great things about a career in the trades. First and foremost, despite what many people think, these jobs can pay very well, many near or above the U.S. median household income of $68,000. In some fields, experienced tradespeople often make well over six figures.

Another major advantage of a career in the trades is that they typically don’t require a four-year degree from a traditional college or university. In fact, most trades careers can be launched by acquiring certifications or licensing through training programs that can be completed in anywhere from several months to two years. Opportunities for on-the-job training, such as apprenticeships, are also available in some industries.

Opportunities Abound as Baby Boomers Pass the Torch

One of the biggest reason why this is an especially good time to be considering a career in the trades is that demographic trends are very much on your side. Baby boomers currently in the workforce are reaching retirement age in large numbers, opening up opportunities for younger workers and new generations of tradespeople.

But passing the torch is difficult when there’s no one reaching out to take it. For every one person currently entering the trades, five retire. That’s a simple formula that adds up to one thing – opportunity.

The Trades Are Always a Strong Option – Maybe Now More Than Ever.

Sometimes a little turmoil can make us take a long, hard look at what’s really important. The stability and essential, always-in-demand nature of trades positions seem more appealing than ever during times like these. And when you take a close look, the many other advantages of going into a career in the trades – good pay (which you can start earning sooner) and benefits, rewarding work, vast opportunity – all highlight what a strong option the trades is for a career.

If you’re looking to start a new career, don’t overlook this proven pathway to making a good living, and doing it more quickly than you may have thought possible. Click here for information on specific trades programs and training opportunities.

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