Celebrating Service: Tom Luna

After over 20 years with Centura College, we say goodbye and good luck to Mr. Tom Luna as he enters retirement. A proud veteran and teacher, we thank Mr. Luna for his many years of service to both our country and our school.

Mr. Luna came to Centura College in 2001 and after 20 years with less than 40 days of absences, he has decided it is time to retire. He has taught in both the Medical Assistant program and the Medical Billing and Coding program at Centura Norfolk. His favorite memories of his time at Centura include the corporate Christmas parties.

As he looks back on his time, the advice he wants to leave his fellow faculty and students with is based in relationships. He reminds us all to “put others first, be truthful, and a team player.”

At a recent retirement celebration for Mr. Luna, his supervisor Lillian Brown, Program Coordinator Health Information Technology, made the following remarks:

You taught for twenty years at Centura College. I shared almost ten years by your side, and it was a real pleasure! You had a vocation for teaching, that is for sure. Your good mood, your creativity and your energy make you an exceptional teacher.

You always knew how to interest your students, even the most recalcitrant. You have always shown a lot of patience with those in difficulty as if you were aiming to change the course of things and you have succeeded.

I know that you will never forget the sound of my voice during our 10-minute Tuesday. You will never forget the students whose life you help change.  We are all sad about your departure but at the same time happy to know that you will enjoy a quiet and well-deserved retirement. I know you will come back to see us a few times to say, “hello,” and watch the students graduate.

Tom, I want to say thank you for your 20 years and two months of service. Congratulations on your retirement!

Mr. Otis Grate, Medical Assisting Program Coordinator added the following about Mr. Tom Luna:

Overtime, I would begin to realize that [Mr. Luna] consistently put the needs of his students and other staff members before his own. He was always willing to assist, he was always there to give great advice, and there was no one better to see in the hallways on a Monday morning after an exciting Sunday full of good football. I can remember so many conversations about football and how important team camaraderie is. I not only learned to look forward to this conversation but looked forward to what I would learn from Mr. Luna and take away from these conversations. I truly feel that many of these conversations allowed me to look at myself, my team, and how we approached our efforts each day to assist the students.

Mr. Luna always had a unique way to touch your soul; his efforts, knowledge, and friendship will be dearly missed. I am thankful to have met Mr. Luna and will cherish everything he taught me during my tenure at Centura Norfolk.

With a lifelong motto of “pride, poise, and perfection,” Mr. Luna has certainly exemplified what that means. Thank you for your service Mr. Tom Luna, you will be missed, but we wish you the best in a well-earned retirement!

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