Virginia Beach Medical Assisting Class Adds Zumba

Centura College Incorporates Zumba into Virginia Beach Medical Assisting Class to Promote Healthy Eating and an Active Lifestyle

As part of Mrs. Amelia Level’s “Medical Assisting Role II” at the Virginia Beach Medical Assisting Class, she has incorporated a Zumba dance class to reinforce exercise and nutrition as part of the Food Guide Pyramid. Zumba represents dance and exercise combined. The students in the class did Zumba 30 minutes per morning. They also watched what they ate through Food Diaries and weigh-ins on the scales.

There were also several Massage Therapy students who participated in the Zumba class. The results of the Zumba class were amazing and the students truly saw fitness and healthy eating results. LaVonda Armstrong was the student leader who kept track of weigh-ins. Sara Graves assisted her with the events. Briana Thomas was our Zumba weight loss winner who lost 12 pounds during the five-week period.  

What the Students are saying about this new endeavor:

“When I started Medical Assisting Role II, I was 269 lbs. Today I am 257 lbs. Although it is just twelve pounds, I feel like it is a new beginning to being healthy. Food does not control me anymore. … I am healthier for myself, my children, and I do not plan on stopping my workout even after this class ends. I thank the Centura College Staff for allowing us to take this opportunity to get in shape and get healthy.” – Briana Thomas

“During this class I have realized a lot about myself like how far I can push myself mentally and physically. … I used to smoke 5-6 times a day, with this class I’ve learned how to cut back to 2-3 a day and trying to only have one then eventually none.” – Nikki Elliott

“This program also saved my life. I was a walking time bomb and didn’t even know it. … I have been diagnosed with hypertension. … I am learning and starting to take better care of myself. … Thank you for caring about our well-being and incorporating the workouts and walks at Mt. Trashmore in the course. I have benefited greatly from this class.” – LaVonda Armstrong

“…When we started doing the Zumba, and writing down what we have been eating, and I have been cutting back on what I was eating and drinking. My clothes have started fitting better, I’m not as tired, and I am starting to feel a lot better. I have also started doing stuff at home. I’m now walking around the block and playing with my son outside more. …” – Rhonda Mallison

“I can see a big change in me since starting this class. … This will really help me get ready for the summer and healthy. … I really want to thank Centura for letting us do Zumba.” – Avonte Frost

“Zumba made me more alert and awake before class. It also has motivated me to stay active in some form of exercise. It is very health for me and it is also an exciting fun way to get in shape.” – Kareena Davidson

“My whole attitude about exercising has changed. I remember when I used to say I am not trying to lose weight. But it is not just about losing weight, it’s about staying tone and being healthy all at the same time.” – Deonta Humphrey

“My behavioral habits have changed as a result from doing Zumba daily. I have noticed that not only am I losing weight but I have begun to eat healthier. … Zumba has given me the energy and drive to be more involved with outdoor as well as my son’s activities. … I was borderline diabetic until the past couple of weeks due to the better change in my daily diet.” – Sara Graves

“I have learned that this school is not only for an education but also to make you feel better about yourself and they care about your health. I want to send a huge thank you to Mrs. Level, my teacher and the one who thought of the idea of working out each morning, she not only pushed me to work harder but she also made sure to compliment us. I would also like to thank Mrs. Bedford, our Medical Coordinator, for allowing us to construct this program and participating with us.” – Dyanne King

Two evening students, Winnie Cox and Kaitlynn Betit, also participated in Zumba. While getting ready to deliver her baby, Kaitlynn still participated in Zumba under the advice of her physician. Overall, many of the students found the class beneficial and plan to continue with a new, healthier lifestyle.

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Originally written by:  Amelia Level, Centura College, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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