What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

“When I go in the doctor’s office, you know who I interact with? Medical Assistants,” states Charles Curry, an instructor at Centura College. But what does it mean to be a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants: Who are They?

Medical Assistants are the right hand of doctors and physicians, allowing them to stay on schedule, operate efficiently, safely, and stay productive in an environment that requires structure. Carla Ross, Lead Instructor at Centura College, describes a Medical Assistant as “Anyone who is involved with patient care…you are the conduit from the front desk where they sign their name to them sitting down with the doctor. That medical assistant is there to set them at ease and set the stage, if you will, for a productive medical office visit.” As you can see the career can take many forms, but anyone who has passed the American Medical Tech Examination and earned their RMA Credential is qualified to work as a Medical Assistant.

What do They do?

Medical Assisting is a career path with a lot of variety. Some medical assistants choose to work directly with patients, while others prefer to focus on office management and the business side of things. Depending on your preferences and areas of expertise, you could find yourself drawing blood as a phlebotomist, working as a lab assistant, EKG technician, or an outpatient surgery assistant, or a variety of other exciting things. The skills you will learn range from clinical to administrative, either helping patients directly or performing office duties. There are many career paths to consider, and each one appeals to different personality types.

What is the Demand?

The good news is that demand for Medical Assistants will always exist. Even in 2019 BC (before COVID), there was an increasing need for medical personnel in our country. Charles Curry says, “Lifespan for the US population is always going up. So, if lifespan goes up we live longer, and what do we need to maintain that health status? We need healthcare. And if we need healthcare, who’s going to staff those cardiologists’ offices? Who is going to staff your family practitioner? The medical assistants are.”

There will probably never be a time when healthcare is not an essential part of our society. People get sick and need doctors and specialists, who in turn need assistance running their practices. Otis Grate, Program Coordinator at Centura College, agrees, stating simply, “There will always be a need for healthcare professionals.” This is bolstered by the job outlook for Medical Assistants for the next decade: The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 19% percent increase between 2019 and 2029, which is a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. If you are looking for a secure and stable career post 2020, Medical Assisting is a smart choice.

Get the Training

Training to become a Medical Assistant is not as difficult as you may expect. At Centura College, the program lasts 12 months, and is offered at 4 campuses around Hampton Roads. You may also choose to attend night class, which allows for a more flexible schedule. The instructors at Centura College are experienced in the medical field and fully dedicated to their students’ success; they know the importance of healthcare, are passionate about passing their knowledge on, and are eager to see qualified Medical Assistants enter the workforce. According to Instructor Curry, “We are teaching skills that society has a need for, and so Centura is a part of that. You’ll be employable as a professional, with a career, not just a job.” Thomas Luna, another instructor adds, “You have dreams, you have a career to look forward to, and I’m going to be your partner in this endeavor.”

Medical Assisting is a career field that offers job security and growth potential. Becoming a Medical Assistant requires patience, dedication, a willingness to learn, and the desire to succeed.

If you would like to know more about Centura College and the Medical Assisting program, check out CenturaCollege.edu or call (877) 523-9528.

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