What’s the Current Job Market Look Like for Business Management Professionals?

What’s the Current Job Market Look Like for Business Management Professionals?

In tough times and tough economies, having employment options is crucial to ensuring job security. The best way to ensure that you have plenty of options is to make sure you have the educational and training credentials that are in demand.  If you do not have those credentials, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your educational qualifications and earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in business management.  Completing a business management program and earning a college degree can open many possible career paths that are not currently available to you.

Some of the job titles that become available to business management professionals include: General Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Operations, Facilities Managers, and even Chief Operating Officer. In addition to the numerous career fields and industries that need qualified business management professionals, it’s always good to know that this career field is expanding.  Job growth is projected to increase 12% by the year 2022 for business management professionals. Business management professionals can also expect a good job market in terms of new opportunities and income. However, it is a very competitive market and a good educational background and credentials are essential.

Career Paths for Business Management Professionals

Business management professionals may manage a sales, marketing, operations, customer service, order fulfillment, shipping & receiving or even financial departments. They oversee activities related to providing products and services or manufacturing goods. Many of their duties involve coordinating and directing different resources and personnel in different departments that affect production, sales, pricing, and distribution.  Business management professionals might also manage a small storefront or the marketing department of a large corporation. No matter the environment though, a strong understanding of business technology, best practices and people skills are necessary to succeed in this role. The possibilities can be endless for someone with solid business management skills, education and talent.

Income Potential for Business Management Professionals

Income is never promised as industrial statistics only reveal averages—meaning jobs available may offer lower incomes based on industry, geographic locations, experience and education. However, that said, we can provide you with some general statistics and salary guidelines; The median wage for business management professionals for 2012 nationally is $95,440 annually ($45.88 per hour).

For those that choose to specialize in certain areas like sales and marketing, the pay can be even higher.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales managers have a median income of $105,260.00 per year in 2012. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $52,950.00, and the top 10 percent earned more than $187,200.00.

Securing that Competitive Edge

Not surprisingly, a large percentage of the employers require a college degree:  32% require an associate’s degree and 27% require a bachelor’s degree for entry level positions.

Earning a business management degree is not only a matter of bettering or developing skills but also a requirement for access to certain job opportunities. Earning a degree does not have to be inconvenient with opportunities to learn online, with flex schedules, as well as the traditional on-campus approach your education can be customized to match and meet your schedule requirements and fit your life, your way.

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