State Licensure Disclosure

Special consideration for Non-Virginia Students Attending Online

Federal regulations require Centura College Chesapeake to disclose whether its licensure-related degree programs meet U.S. jurisdictions’ (states and territories) educational requirements for licensure (34 CFR 668.43). The following information is intended to publicly disclose any Centura College-Chesapeake program which has been designed to meet educational requirements for professional licensure or certification that is required for employment or is marketed as such, regardless of the method of delivery. Centura College programs that are impacted include:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Professional Esthetician
  • Master Esthetician

Centura College-Chesapeake has not yet determined that these programs meet the licensing requirements for the states and U.S. territories other than Virginia.

Prior to enrolling in a program at Centura College-Chesapeake leading to external licensure or certification, we recommend that a student contact the state board or agency of the program in the state they wish to practice for the most complete and up-to-date information pertaining to licensure and certification. In addition to educational requirements, an agency or board may require additional criteria be met for licensure.

Click here for contact information of state licensing agency bodies for impacted programs at Centura College.

Additional helpful licensing information can be found at:

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