Centura College first began offering career placement services in 1969. In 1983, the company opened its first school, Electronic Institute of Technology, in Norfolk, Virginia. Over the years, training options and campus locations expanded, resulting in the campuses uniting under the new name of Tidewater Tech. In 1991, Tidewater Tech opened its fourth location in Hampton Roads just off Greenbrier Parkway in Chesapeake. In 2008, the school’s name was changed again, this time to Centura College. Centura College has now expanded to offer programs to our students online.

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Programs Available

Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Medical Assisting
Concentration in Clinical Support

The Medical Assisting program prepares students for entry-level employment in the medical support field. This program provides the student with the knowledge and skills to become employed as a medical assistant working in physicians’ offices, office and hospital laboratories, urgent care centers and other health care facilities. The program prepares students to work with a focus on the back office, limited scope radiology, or clinical areas of health care facilities. While in school, students learn the fundamentals of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical laboratory procedures, exam room procedures and insurance billing. Students gain the skills necessary to take vital signs, perform EKG and phlebotomy procedures, assist physicians with in-office examinations, and perform various laboratory procedures. Students may also elect to attend classes which lead to state certification in limited scope radiography.

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Concentration in Allied Health Management

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business is designed for graduates of an Associate Degree to increase their business skills, management and leadership abilities, business technology expertise, and communication and critical thinking skills while earning a Baccalaureate degree in Business. The program provides core courses in business and technology, while allowing students to customize their degree by choosing a concentration in the area related to their career goals.

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Concentration in Operations Management

The Operations Management concentration prepares students for employment as a manager or supervisor in the contemporary workplace within their field. This program balances technical, occupational, and general education courses that provides a well-rounded education for our students. The student receives instruction in project management, finance, and leading office software to create spreadsheets, slide shows, and other visual aids. The occupationally related section of the program is designed to teach the student the language of business and provide them with the knowledge they will need to solve business problems with innovative solutions. The student will take courses in ethics, finance, marketing, project management, economics, report writing, decision-making, eBusiness, international business, group dynamics, entrepreneurship, quantitative analysis, cultural diversity, organizational development, and strategic management.

Operations Managers play a key role in contributing to an organization’s profitability and viability. The role of an Operations Manager can vary widely depending on the industry and size of the organization. As a company’s needs change, it is the individuals who are interested in management and career advancement in business that gain a distinct competitive advantage.

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