Centura College Celebrates Veterans Day

Veterans Day was no small affair at Centura College. Across all of our campuses were festivities, celebrations and moments of recognition for the amazing men & women that have protected this country in the past, are currently serving and the families that stand beside these heroes.

Centura Columbia held a ceremony of appreciation for veteran students. Each student received a special certificate of recognition thanking them for their service to our country as part of the event and campus executive director, Mr. Weiberg, gave a speech at the beginning expressing our great gratitude. The AC Flora High School color guard presented the colors and attendees stood with pride as the “Star Spangled Banner” played. Following the ceremony students chowed down on a delicious spread of comfort food favorites.


The Centura Chesapeake’s Student Veterans Association started the day off by decorating the hallways. American flag banners proudly hung at both entrances and each branch of the United States military decorated a hallway with their unique flag as well. Veterans also enjoy an escape into relaxation with complimentary massages. Then Campus Director, Ms. West, handed out red carnations and special pins for veterans, their families and spouses as a thank you for their service.

Centura Virginia Beach celebrated in a big way as well! They started their Veterans Day celebration with students and staff meeting in front of the school to post red, white and blue ribbons and flags. Veterans were asked to wear their military uniforms or symbols of service to create a greater awareness of their branch of the military. They were welcomed into an appreciation breakfast and luncheon on campus and stayed for a showing of the movie, “San Andrea,” popcorn included! Probably the most pivotal moment of the day’s festivities was when veteran student, Mia, of our Business Management program, was presented with a shadow-box in recognition of her 20 years of service to the United States Navy. Veteran students later gathered in Centura Virginia Beach’s new Veterans Center to reminisce about their “war” stories and various experiences.

Looking back on all of our celebrations this Veterans Day, it seemed as though our United States Flag was flying just a little bit higher, brighter and stronger, not only for those who serve our Country all over the nation, but especially for our students veterans at our Centura College Campuses. Overall, It was a day of pride and utter gratitude. Thank you to our veterans and all veterans for your strength, your bravery and your service!

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