How Can We Help You Succeed?

How Can We Help You Succeed?

Centura College | Student Services

Student Services

Student Advisors at Centura work to keep you connected and involved in your education, from the moment you enroll all the way through graduation. We will assist you to make connections with tutors, instructors, financial aid advisors and other school officials, while helping positively address many circumstances that may impact your ability to remain active and productive. We strive to support you when balancing life issues with educational goals and link you to needed services in the community. Whether you are a new student working to acclimate yourself to your school schedule or are well into your education, your student advisor is there to support you.

Tutorial Services

Students requiring academic support can find a host of services available. Tutorial Services is a learning resource providing accessible academic support. We assist Centura College students in numerous academic disciplines throughout a variety of tutoring techniques.

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Career Services

One of our most important services is career advising. After all, our main goal is to develop training that will prepare you for a better career. While Centura College does not guarantee volunteer opportunities or job placement, essential career support services are provided to all graduates. From basic resources like resume writing assistance and discussion of proper interview attire, all the way to individualized coaching, we are available to help you strengthen your knowledge and skills necessary to land a job in your field of study. Career Services emphasizes long-term relationships with regional and national employers and equips you with a flexible toolbox of skills that include:

  • Initial assessment of career goals, interests, and obstacles
  • Job search assistance and strategy development
  • Application, cover letter, and resume assistance
  • Practice for interview skills and guidance on interview attire

Throughout the year, Centura College campuses host numerous career fairs and on-site campus visits with employers who are interested in hiring our graduates. Even before you graduate, you may use these events to make contacts with hiring managers at companies you are interested in. We encourage you to begin honing your interview skills and researching the key attributes hiring managers are searching for in new employees.

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works to ensure the rights of students with disclosed disabilities are being upheld as students pursue their educational objectives. Disabilities may fall into several categories that may impact either physical or intellectual access. The ODS Campus Liaison will help guide you throughout your academic enrollment.

Office of Diversity and Civil Rights

The Office of Diversity and Civil Rights (ODCR) works to ensure that the civil rights of students are respected as they pursue their educational objectives. Specifically, ODCR staff members work with ODS to create an inclusive campus environment for all students.

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