Citizenship Day and Constitution Week at Virginia Beach Campus

Virginia Beach Campus Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

The Virginia Beach Campus of Centura College observed its U.S. Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, September 17 through 23, 2013, commemorating the original signing of the U.S. Constitution  in Independence Hall,   Philadelphia, on September 17, 1787.  Our educational program was designed to teach our students, faculty and staff more about the history of our single most important document of self-government in the United States.  Throughout the week, there were numerous learning opportunities for everyone to explore the U.S. Constitution and win prizes!

On Constitution Day, Tuesday, September 17, 2013, we had 35 students take time out of their busy schedules to watch a two-hour movie, “A More Perfect Union:  America Becomes a Nation” and enjoy homemade popcorn, compliments of Ms. Mary Morgan, our Student Adviser!   This movie was filmed in Monticello, Virginia, and reminded us of the arduous process of compromise facing our forefathers as they had initially planned to amend the Articles of Confederation.  Fortunately, our Forefathers finally decided  unanimously to ratify and sign our single most important document for self-governance for our Nation:  The United States Constitution!   We had drawings from trivia questions about the movie.   Reggie Grantham, Business Student, responded correctly that August 2, 1956 was when the President, in joint resolution, designated the week of September 17 yearly as “Constitution Week.”   Darryl Hutt, Computer Network Management Student, answered correctly that “eleven years” was the time elapsed between the announcement of the Declaration of Independence and the writing of the Constitution.

In addition, Mr. Jeff Barbour, our librarian, placed an exhibit on display in the library which included memorabilia that represented the historical events leading up to and including the formation of our present-day U.S. Constitution.  The students were encouraged to visit the library to see the special exhibit and discover the “missing link” within the display case.

Gary Borum, a Business Management Student, found  that there were stars missing on the American Flag, therefore, representing missing state of the original 13 colonies!

We also held a Find the Founder Word Search and Library Scavenger Hunt Trivia contests for students to participate and enter their names for prize drawings.   There were over 16 word searches submitted.  Farrah Allen of the Medical Assisting Program successfully completed the puzzle and was drawn as the lucky winner!.

Exploring the library resources, the students participated in a scavenger hunt in order to locate the best answers to the trivia questions and entered their names for drawings.   The winners of the library scavenger hunt trivia contest drawing were:  Carolyn Ayres and Shawnacee Brooks, both students of the Massage Therapy Program!

Within our online library, the students also were given an opportunity to participate in a trivia contest in which they responded to ten questions and submitted their responses electronically to the librarian.  Those questions ranged from topics about U.S. Citizenship, to the Branches of the Government, and also facts about the U.S. Constitution.   The lucky winner of the trivia contest was Amanda Muse, a student of the Bachelor Program in Business in Hospitality Management!

There was a sense of excitement among the academic programs as the coordinators, the instructors, and the librarian promoted this year’s Constitution Day Scavenger Hunt.   Seventy-two students utilized the library during the U.S. Citizenship & Constitution Week, and 61 students  participated in the trivia questions.

Congratulations to the lucky trivia and raffle contest winners who each received Centura College totes and Wal-Mart Gift Cards!!  Additionally, everyone who participated in our Constitution Week received U.S Constitution Day bibliographies, pocket constitutions, “Free to Read” patriotic book markers!  Overall, our goal was for students, faculty, and staff to recognize the importance of our United States Constitution and the freedoms which we share as citizens of the United States of America.   A special thanks goes to everyone who participated in this year’s educational program.   We look forward to another fun, learning event again next year!

The Winners:


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